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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Fuss & cafuffle

Poor Peter.  First they said he had to have a British Seamans registration - 2 x countersigned photo's, nice long form, and £40 cheque.

Then they said  that the British seamans association won't register him (or colleagues of similar ilk), therefore he has to be registered with the Bahama Seamans Association.  The photo's don't have to be countersigned this time, but he did have to make a a trip to Middlesborough for a once over  with a doctor registered to carry out Naval medicals (£80), fill in another long form, and hand over another cheque for £35.    This is so that he can do his art tutorials in Brazilian waters!

And then, to cap it all, the British lot cashed his cheque for £40 even though we have been told they won't register him.

I'd better make sure I have a fantastic time on this cruise.  Get his money's worth so to speak.    We leave at 7 on Sunday morning.  And before you ask...... No, I haven't packed yet!

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