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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Day 3, Tue 1st Feb, Sea Day

It’s been another sea day with little to report.  The weather is improving, it’s getting sunnier and warmer.  The sea has stayed quite calm and the day passed uneventful. 
We spent time in the library to use the Wi-Fi.  Various members of the bridge fraternity used the same period of time to vent their frustration regarding the lack of bridge tables and space to the cruise director.  They wanted to use the library to play bridge and one or two members obviously thought other library users weren’t of any consequence.  Peter knows from experience how territorial the library users can be so we understood why the director was refusing, but he certainly had his work cut out with that group!
 Peter’s class was very busy again, so I helped to get everyone in and settled.   We pottered a bit after that,  watching a 1983 documentary about rainforests before we went for dinner, which was brilliant, as usual.  Dress tonight was “informal” which is not quite formal, rather than casual. 
To end the day, we looked in on the show.  The singer didn’t do it for us, so we went upstairs to the Observatory lounge, which has a lovely classy atmosphere.    A leisurely drink and a chat with the couple on the next table before retiring to the cabin to watch X-Files on Peters laptop.  
A really lazy day.

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