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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Day 10 - Tuesday 14th January - Another sea day

The routine is building up quickly. This morning the alarm went off at 8, but today Peter woke to find that he had a sore throat and was losing his voice. This will be due to talking over three classes a day no doubt. I told him he should rest his voice, but just like a man he completely ignored me and wouldn't shut up!

We made our way upstairs for a leisurely breakfast. I've found that I am never happy with the coffee on ships, so I usually pack a jar of my favourite, and take a pre- primed thermos cup with me to breakfast. That way first cuppa of the day is just how I like it, luuurrrrvvvly. I'm not the only one though, and I often see people carrying either thermos mugs or a little pot of their favourite instant to the coffee bar.
After breakfast, we went for a wander around the decks. Even though the sky was overcast, the sea was smooth, the air was mild, and a breeze blew at just the right strength. We stood at the front of the ship watching the waves, both of us lost in thought. If anyone ever needed to relax, this is just the perfect way to do it.
Peter's classes are going well, some passengers are dropping out, but not to worry, we have a big list of people wanting to take their place. The biggest headache is keeping track of them. I end up going back and forth through lists checking and re-checking before sending notes to cabins. All good fun I suppose.

We ate dinner in the Bistro as usual, where I met Michele Munro, daughter of Matt and also a guest lecturer. A really nice down to earth lady, she went on to tell us one of the stories of the passengers and the cruise director. Apparently the passenger couldn't find a cribbage board. The cruise director explained that there wasn't one. The passenger then instructed the cruise director to "get one of your f******g crafters to make one then!"
Sometimes passengers really don't appreciate how patient the staff on these ships really are. 

Tomorrow is Mindelo. I wonder how much it has changed since last year?

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