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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Days 12, 13 and 14 - 16th - 18th January - Crossing the Atlantic

OK, so we've had three days at sea, and there isn't really a lot to report. The weather has been fantastic, getting hotter and hotter the further we go, you can feel the sun burning as you stand on the deck. The sea is quite smooth and it's lovely to be outside.

The flying fish have appeared to keep us company, and after breakfast, Peter and I go to front of the ship to watch them. Fascinating creatures............ Then it's time for Peter to go inside and start work. He's started painting, and produced two scenes from Mindelo, one of which he sold within hours.

Life on board is relaxing. We've enjoyed Ecaterina's show to the Carpenters, an evening with Michele Monro, where she told us all about her father, Matt, and Richard Syke's show to Neil Sudaka, So we've had show every evening. I've also been to listen to Dr Louise Bonner give her talks on the Amazon. When Louise is speaking, it's standing room only, in the Marco Polo Lounge. It completely fills up, and people end up sitting on the floor or standing around the edges, but then, she does give a very good presentation.

I've been keeping Peter's classes very full, which is all good, but I still have people on the waiting list, and people turning up at the door asking if they can join, but it is finally beginning to settle down, and falling into a very organised and relaxed routine. We even cleaned out all the palettes and refilled the paints, marking out which is which for the students. We made a right mess of our cabin bathroom, but it made the passengers happy.

It's been really lovely on deck in the evening. It's been so balmy and warm it's wonderful. The night before last, Peter and I stood at the back of the ship watchin the silver and steel grey reflections of the moon on the water for ages. Quite romantic really.

We were sat out there last night, enjoying a bit of chit chat and I looked up to see the moon gently bounce up and down in the sky. What wonderful tricks your mind can play on you. Of course the moon isn't bouncing, it's the ship moving up and down but you've forgotten that momentarily.

Tomorrow the entertainment team will be putting on a crossing the equator ceremony on the back deck, and the day after, we will be entering the mouth of the Amazon. As soon as we are in the river, the Brazilian immigration authorities will come aboard. They will stay on board the whole time we are in Brazil, and will be using the craft room for an office during that team. Therefore no more craft classes until we leave the Amazon, but that's not a problem, because just about every day is a port day, and we have got so much to see.    As Peter say's............. "Bring it on!"

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