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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Day 31 - Tuesday 4th February - Bridgetown, Barbados. Time to go home.

I spent the last two days in our cabin.  Peter was confined too, and we spent our time living through a zombie apocalypse.......... That is, we watched two complete series of "The Walking Dead"........... Stuff to give you nightmares.

But now we are here in Barbados.  The good news is that we are out of our cabin and able to wander the streets of Bridgetown.  The bad news is that I am booked on a flight at 5.10pm and my holiday is over.

We've made the most of it though, wandering the city, buying presents for the grandkids and enjoying the gloriously hot sunshine.
Loads of expensive looking yachts along the river into town

Zenaida Dove

Nelson's column
But it wasn't long before I had to return to the ship, collect my travel bag and kiss Peter goodbye. There were eight other people who had decided to fly home for various reasons.  As I result I was able to share a minibus, (organised by the very organised Sheena), which meant that first of all the costs were reduced, but also that getting through customs etc was all sorted out for us.  Fantastic.  I have to admit that my heart was pumping when I got to the airport.  I remember the farce and panic I'd gone through two years ago when I was leaving Antigua, and I didn't want to repeat that experience!

So, I set off another journey of planes, trains and automobiles to get me home.  This time I experienced the automated monorail that gets you from one side of Gatwick Airport to another, which looked and felt very futuristic!  Then there was the tube strike in London, which meant I had to get a bus across the city to Kings Cross.  This took ages cos the bus didn't stop where it was supposed to, and of course it was freezing at 6 o'clock in the morning.  But it wasn't a bad journey all in, and then all of a sudden, I'm back at home and getting myself ready for work in the morning, almost like I'd never been away.

So that's it for a while.  The end of another wonderful Amazon Cruise.  I have loads of photographs and this blog is my diary, all of which will remind of the fantastic places, people and wildlife I've seen.  I am looking forward to the next cruise already.
Last look at Marco Polo, berthed in Bridgetown, Barbados.
Bridgetown, Barbados 2011


  1. I've just found your website via Peter's blog. What a wonderful array of places you've been able to see. As a keen traveller, I find some of your posts fantastically inspiring. I'll be following your adventures in future.

    (Sorry you had to fly home from your trip, but having read Peter's post about the storm, if that was on the same journey, perhaps leaving the cruise wasn't quite such a bad thing after all).

    1. Thank you Vandy. Yes, we do get to see some wonderful places, for which I am very grateful. I'm glad you've enjoyed what I've written, and hopefully future posts will give you the same pleasure, I hope you enjoy your travels just as much.