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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Northern Lights Cruise - Eidfjord, Norway

We left Tilbury two days ago.  Yesterday was a sea day and Peter ran two painting classes.  Today is Wednesday and we were up early this morning, I wanted to see the fjord as we sailed in, and we were on deck just after sunrise (7.45).

And it's just as lovely as expected.  The mountains rise steeply from the water into the clouds.  Actually, these mountains aren't that high in truth, but they look it from the still water of the fjord.  Stunning

Peter and I had agreed to escort a tour to go see the Sysem Dam and the Voringsfoss Waterfall,  basically a bus trip with a couple of stops.  The scenery we drove through was absolutely stunning, and I regret my decision to be a good escort and sit on the inside seat of the bus.

The Dam was a little bit of a let down to be honest, I sort of expected a dramatic concrete structure I suppose, and it wasn't.  It might be 260ft high, but because of the way it's built of natural rocks and gravel, it's quite tame really.

The waterfall is not tame.

The bus took us to the Fossli Hotel just above the waterfall, with its fantastic views.

It's a shame the weather wasn't a little better, but then again, if it hadn't been raining for the last two days, we certainly wouldn't have seen the flow that we did. 

Then it was back to the bus to travel once again through the glorious scenery of Norway.   Sadly it was really raining now, and when we got back to the ship, we decided that despite the fact we had an hour's shore time left, it was far too wet.  So we went back on board for lunch

We did take a few pictures of Eidfjord from the ship though

Unfortunately, as the morning had progressed, I realised that the cold that I've been fighting off for weeks was having another go at getting the better of me.  With Peter still coughing as a leftover from his cold, and me with a drippy nose, we decided it was best to hide out in the cabin this afternoon and not breathe all over everyone else.

Amazingly, just about as quickly as it started, my drippy nose dried up at about 6-7pm, Spooky eh?   This was extremely convenient cos we needed to go upstairs for dinner in the Bistro.  I even felt it was safe enough to watch "Bruce Thompson, The Original One Man Band" from the back of the Marco Polo Lounge.   And I'm glad I did, it was an excellent show, full of fun and laughter.

Tomorrow we're in Olden, escorting again and off to see a glacier. Hopefully there'll be no more hints of colds or drippy noses.

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