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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Olden, Norway

To be honest, Olden looks very similar to Eidfjord, except Olden is at the end of Nordfjord, and Eidfjord is at the end of, well, Eidfjord.   I think the reason the little towns look so similar is down to our untrained eyes.  We are not used to spotting the differences in the mountains and the "fingers" of the fjord.  It is no reason to be disappointed though, Olden is beautiful.

Our escort duties today were to go visit a glacier. It was one of the things Peter really wanted to see, and the fairy godmothers in the Shore Excursions team worked this one for him.  Thank you ladies.

The bus follows the river Olden through the village.  Due to the amount of rainfall West Norway has had over the last couple of days (the most for the last 200 years apparently), the rivers are overflowing.  The bus stopped for a photo break and so we could see the river close up.

Then it was on to Lake Olden.  Just beautiful, and you can just see the Melkevoll Glacier from here
This picture was taken through the window of the bus

The back into the bus for Briksdal Inn.  Here the buses stop and we were transferred to "Troll Cars" (8 seater buggies) to take us a fair amount of the climb towards the Briksdal Glacier.  You could of course walk this part of the tour, and many people did.  But for the less fit or able the Troll Cars are excellent.   There was a problem where part of the Troll Car route had been washed away in the recent downpours, but the intrepid Norwegians had come up with a transfer system to get the tourists past that bit.
Not the washed away bit, A waterfall en route. 

The Troll Cars can't take you all the way though.  There's a walk of about half a mile to get you to a decent viewing point.  And it's not an easy walk.  The path is rocky, cracked and uneven.  And there's a little bit of a climb to it.  But the view at the top is worth it.  Peter loved it and got as close as possible to the glacier.  I decided it could really only look good when you could see it all on one go, so I stayed back.   
We have been so lucky with the weather.  Rain was forecast, but it held off and we even got the odd patch of sunshine.  Awesome.

Unfortunately for a few of the passengers on my tour bus, the path was a little bit too much for them.   They never did quite make it to the top, and we had to hold the buses a little longer for them, so that once they'd got down, they could at least enjoy a coffee  from the Briksdal Inn. 

For anyone thinking of taking this tour by the way, save yourself for the cakes provided with the tea and coffee at the Inn (they're provided free as part of the tour).  They are GORGEOUS, and if you walked up to the Glacier, then you've easily earnt yourself at least three. 

Once we were back at the ship and had eaten lunch, Peter and I had an amble around Olden.  As I said, it's a beautiful little town.

A wooden church.  The Norwegians are mostly Lutherians it seems. 
Inside a wooden church - all wood, and wonderfully simple.
Tomorrow is a sea day. Peter will do his classes, and I will mebbe read a little more. Good innit?


  1. Just found your blog via Peter's site. These picture are stunning. :)

    1. Thank you. I'm pleased you like them. :-)