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Monday, 11 April 2016

A New Cruise - Flavours of the Caribbean Day 1 - Cozumel, Mexico

OK, so haven't left the ship, but today we start a new cruise - "Flavours of Cuba and the Caribbean". The itinerary changes from tropical forests and Mayan ruins to the 50/60's style of Havanna and the botanical gardens of the western Caribbean. For me, it's a load of new places to see and experience, all from the comfort of the Voyager - how can you not enjoy it.
The Sun Deck on Voyager

For the current passengers, it's time to leave, and the day has been filled with announcements telling people with whatever coloured tags on their luggage to head for the gangway. The lounges have been full of people waiting or saying goodbye, and the crew have been deep cleaning and fumigating the ship after the small outbreak of gastroenteritis over the last couple of weeks.
Looking down from the Sun Deck onto the Pool Deck
The sheltered Pool Deck,
The trouble with GI infections is that the crew have to go into overdrive regarding hygiene and cleaning. This meant that in the veranda restaurant, there've been no tablecloths, and we've been using sachets of salt and pepper and paper napkins. We've not been permitted to touch anything that might be handled later by another passenger, therefore the crew have been handing us plates, cutlery, bread, butter, napkins etc, and the chefs have been serving the food. We've been handed individual sachets of sugar for tea and coffee and had our milk poured. The crew have also been cleaning and fumigating the ship every night. They must be shattered, and I bet they hope even more than we that there are no further cases.
Scotts Bar
It's all been done very discreetly though. There has only been the odd clue that the cases have been continuing, the main one being the fact we still can't serve ourselves in the Veranda Restaurant. Hopefully this will change soon.
The Sunset club
Later in the day, the new passengers arrived - all worn out after the days travelling. There are two couples joining the ship that we know from old, Steven and Pam Smith, and Steve and Jill Ragnall. We know them from the Marco Polo and it's nice to see them again. We've also got to know some of the passengers that have stayed on from the last cruise, so there is plenty of company for us on this one.
A cabin on the deck 3
Peter had work today reviewing and replying to his online student submissions. He spent the day between the cabin and Scott's Bar (for the wi-fi). I spent a little time ashore looking for sunscreen, but then I followed his lead and updated my blog. For a change, I'm ahead of him.

The ship stays in port overnight. We were planning on going ashore for a short walk, but spent too much time chatting on board. We ended the day with a walk around the deck instead. Tomorrow we'll be escorting the San Gervasio Ruins and Beach Break tour. Cool eh?

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