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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Monday 9th January, Lisbon behind, Madeira ahead

OK.  Today has been a forgettable day, but not in the usual sense.  What I mean is, this morning we woke and went to leave the cabin to go to breakfast.  As I walked through the door, I said, "Oooops, I've forgotten to change me glasses", so I went back to get my normal pair.

We left the cabin, Peter locked the door, we took a few steps down the corridor, and I said, "Oooops, I've forgotten me thermos mug", (which was ready prepared with my own preferred coffee).  So we went back and I grapped the cup.

We had breakfast, and I hadn't quite finished me coffee before we decided it was time to start getting the conference room ready for Peter's class, so I put the lid on it.  As we walked out of the Bistro doors I said, "Oooops, I've forgotten me coffee", I had to backtrack for a third time.

We got the conference room ready, we let the passengers in for the class and once it was full, I got my things and left.  And once again, just as I was walking  away from the conference room I thought, "Oooops, I've forgotten me fleece.  Flaming Nora, I'm thinking, "I've not even been up an hour! Surely I can't forget anything else!

As it happened, the rest of the day passed quite uneventfully.  It was absolutely gorgeous outside, so I spent the first hour or so on the back deck enjoying the sunshine and light breeze.  Then I attended the photography lecture and the creative writing class.  Peter was working his tail off in the meantime, looking after all the passengers that had turned up for his classes.

Peter had to look after the online students.  I decided I would try to learn how to use our DSLR camera and put some of the lecturer had told me into practice, so while Peter worked, I spent the afternoon wandering the decks and getting a sunta even saw a few dolphins, (although they didn't get close).
One the the practice photographs from around the ship.  I'm practising composition.  Peter knows all about that. 
And another practice photo.  It really was a beautiful day. 
So it's been a lovely day, (for me anyway).  We finished the evening in the Captains Club with a quiet drink and our books.  Although as we settled into the sofa and I put me reading glasses on, Peter said "Oooops I've forgotten me glasses!"

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