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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Tuesday 31st October, Amsterdam.

We seemed to have talked a lot since we got here, mostly to the other guys brought on board for passenger entertainment.  We ended yesterday in the Pub, which looks like it is going to be our bar of choice. Peter and I both really like it there, but we couldn't stay long, because we were both so tired.  So it was early to bed.

But not so early to rise, although I did wake to see the countryside and suburbs of Holland go past as we sailed along the waterways to Amsterdam.  At breakfast, we were joined by Andy, the comedian who told us he loved Amsterdam, and it was the only reason he'd got up.  Peter and I have visited before, but neither of us have fallen in love with the place. For us, it is just another city, although it does have a lot of water, weed and sex shops.

We went out for a walk and to soak up the atmosphere anyway.

We were very surprised at the Herons, both on the waterways and in the streets.  They were completely unphased by boats people,cars or bikes as they went past.  This one allowed us to get within a few metres of it. 

<<  And this completely flummoxed us.  We stopped at a cafe for a cup of tea for Peter and a hot chocolate for me.  Peter was served a cup of hot water and this sachet thing.  We spent a few minutes trying to work out what is was before asking for help.  It's a T-stick.  You stick it in the water for a cup of tea.  Novel.  But not the best cup of tea in the world.

We left feeling that Amsterdam is a busy, metropolitan city.  And though very interesting, cities are not really our thing.

Back to the ship about 1 pm, we bumped into the reception manager and then the dutch hosts, which has added to the list of people that we know from previous cruises.  (We recognised security staff, the assistant director, chefs and restaurant staff yesterday).  It's nice to say hello again to so many friendly people. More lunch, a nap and now we are relaxing in the bar outside the Kensington Restuarant, feeling really chilled watching Holland go by as we head back out to sea.

It's an informal night tonight, and it's Halloween, so there'll be an evening's entertainment to match.  The Captain has announced that the sea will be a bit uppy downy, but not too bad.  All is good in our world. 

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