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Monday, 13 November 2017

Monday 13th November- Tilbury...... eventually.

So, we had a little bit of uppy downy on Saturday, but nothing too bad, and yesterday the weather across the North Sea was good enough for the engineers to come and unbatten the hatches.

Peter ran his last classes.  All the passengers seem to have enjoyed it and we have a little space in the suitcases due to all the paper and stuff they’ve used up.  I’ve been buying stuff from the CMV shop make up for it.  I love mocha chocolate, and for the first time in about two years I’ve found somewhere that sells it, (well, Ritz Espresso chocolate anyway), so I’ve bought a stash to take home with me.

We packed our bags and put them out ready for the porters to unload in the morning, and spent our last night watching Stranger Things on the laptop.  We had to put our clocks back one hour, and the alarm is set of 6 am.  According to the timetable, we should be off the ship at about 9.40 am.

So here we are, at 2.40 pm, waiting for the ship to berth.   It didn’t go to plan did it? 

It turns out that, although we had plain sailing, this was not the case around the East coasts of England.  The seas have been so rough that the pilots could not come out to meet the ship.  The Magellan effectively sat outside the Thames Estuary from 2am until 10.30 am this morning waiting for a pilot.  The captain made the announcement to the passengers this morning at just gone 7 am, after we had all vacated our cabins according to instruction.

But we able to go back and make use of them for a little while longer, thankfully.  Peter and I are now sitting in the Hampton Bar where we’ll spend the next few hours until we can get off.

So, final verdict on the cruise.   Well, I liked it.  As I’ve said before, I prefer this ship to the smaller ones simply because it is much more comfortable in rough seas, and it always feels like there is plenty of room for everybody.  We like the pub, and the garden at the back of the ship is also a favourite.  We’ll be very happy to come back on board for the Amazon Cruise.

So that’s it until 7th January.   I’m getting excited about coming back already, and we haven’t got off yet!

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