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Friday, 19 January 2018

Friday 19th January - three days crossing the Atlantic

So my last blog lacked photos, and I haven't done one for a few days.  This is because the last time I connected my laptop to the internet, it used up 10% of our internet connection in just a few minutes, so I disconnected.  I think it may be something to do with Google Chrome, so I've decided to try writing the blog on my tablet.  This is because it's smaller and I can carry it ashore to use free wi-fi in the towns that we visit.  Hopefully.

It also means that the blog might be a bit sporadic, especially in Brazil, cos there isn't free wi-fi in many places. I'll keep writing it anyway, like a diary, and upload when I can.  I was going to write a little bit about what it's like to be on board, so herewith.

The ship is very comfortable.  There are loads of little things and small inprovements that I like about it and little things mean a lot.  For instance, it never feels full, even when it is, there is always loads of space on the decks and in the lounges. CMV have just put tea and coffee making facilities into all the cabins, which means you don't have to go blurry eyed up to the coffee stations first thing in the morning or last thing at night and the coffee and water machines have recently been replaced too, for the better.

And the food?  Well we always eat in the Bistro, but the menu is very similar to what is available in the restaurants, and I think there is a definite improvement.  Whoever is in charge of baking the bread is fantastic; the various rolls, breads and pastries are becoming a bit of a highlight, and the rest of the menu is good too.  A little thing like not moving the bread and butter pudding from the afternoon tea slot to dessert for the evening meal is just better.  There is always something to eat, with the pizza station open from 11 til 5, as well as breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and late night stacks. And if you are not happy with the standard menu's, you can treat yourself to icecream out on the pool deck, or pay a little extra for and speciality meal like an indian or lobster of an
evening, or treat yourself to a luxury coffee and a delicious cake.

There are the usual facilities, like the pool, the gym and the spa, and the usual dress codes for the evening.  Last night was formal, so me n Peter got togged up. As with most cruises, there is something going on in the show lounge every night. Tonight we will watch the "From Russia with Love" show.  I don't know how many times we've seen it before, but we really enjoy it each time, mostly because the male dancers are extraordinary.  CMV have also taken care to make sure there are loads of guest acts and we are on our 4th at the moment so there is little chance of getting bored of any particular one.

The ship isn't that big, about 1200 passengers I think, and there aren't any facilities for children.  I reckon the average age of the passengers on this cruise is around 65/70, although I could be wrong, cos I am rubbish at guessing ages, but unlike our last cruise on board, Norway last November, there are very few people under the age of 40.  My guess is that six weeks away at this time of year is difficult for many in that age group

Anyway, I think I've rambled enough for one day.  I'll write a little more tomorrow.

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