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Monday, 31 January 2011

Day 2, Mon 31st Jan, Sea Day with dolphins

 Today is a sea day.  All day on ship, taking it easy and enjoying whatever entertainment is laid on.  So we started leisurely, with a late breakfast and then a walk on deck.  If you walk round the ship five times, you’ve walked a mile.   Peter brought his video camera, because as usual, he is filming everything, including our walk around the ship. Good job he did, because on our second lap, we spotted the dolphins .  I don’t know what type they were, because they were quite small really, with brown backs I think, 
and light underneath  (That information is for those who want to look them up for us and tell us what type of dolphins they were). hey were lovely to see and there seemed to be quite a school of them. Our ship seemed to be crossing their path, and they all sort of crossed in front of us, in groups of 3 or 4.  Mums and babies together it seemed, leaping out of the water and as Peter puts it, “doing what dolphins do”.  We stood for a good 5 or 10 minutes watching them, and Peter managed to film a few (difficult, because 

they would insist on appearing all over the place.)  Anyway, he provided the stills. 
This afternoon was taken up mostly with Peter’s first watercolour class.  It started a bit chaotic to be honest, because a lot more people than expected turned  up and we just weren’t ready for them.  Still, with a bit of help from one of the dance staff who actually wanted to paint but never got the chance, everybody was looked after.  From what I can tell they all enjoyed the class.

We are now in the cabin preparing to go out for the first formal night. The captains cocktail party is going on and everyone is dressed for the occasion.  To be honest, we won’t join them, but we will dress to match.  Peter looks good in a tux, if a little out of place.

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  1. We found out that these are short beaked common dolphins