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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Getting excited.

Peter has collected the Malarone, (£94....  I think they must be gold plated!)  I've got me haircut booked, and the suitcases have appeared in Peter's studio.  The paperwork has arrived and we've got our cabin number.  It's all beginning to come together.  All I have to do now is work out what we need to take...........  Clothes and money I think.  That should do it.  Oh, and a couple of jars of coffee.  I sort of know what I need from the last cruise we went on, and yes, the coffee is important.

I've been reading blogs of people who went on similar cruises before us, and I am getting so excited.   I can't believe we will be able to do this, and I am still waiting for something to stop us. I was even checking the paperwork that Peter got, making sure my name was included, that they hadn't forgotten me or decided I shouldn't be able to go.  (He doesn't know that bit, but he will when he reads the blog)!  Like the last cruise we went on, I don't think I will believe it until we are safely on the ship as it sails out of Southampton.  Even then I will be half expecting someone to tap me on the shoulder and politely tell me it's time to get off.

So, I am getting excited, in a scared, can't believe it sort of way. Only 9 days to go!

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