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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Travel insurance

I just remembered I had to sort this out!!   I knew I needed to make sure it covered a cruise, and make sure it cover a trip over 35 days, but when I googled for travel insurance and got all the comparison websites, they weren't coming up with the right answers.  So I googled for  "cruise travel insurance".  Ahhhhh. Much better.    But what a shock some of the prices were.  I think the Post Office came up with something like £90!.  I didn't pay anywhere near that much last time for a full years cover.
Shopping around paid off, and I managed to sort it out for £34.  It was as cheap for the full year as it was for a single trip, so I can dash off and visit mother if I choose, or maybe  can jump on a cruise around the Med.

Peter has had to sort a couple of things out too, membership of the British Seamans Assocation??  (Yeh, we think it's weird too, but them's the rules.) And he needs 6 months left on his passport AFTER the cruise.  Again, we think it's wierd, but we worked out he can get kidnapped or put in jail for a bit and still have time left on his passport to come home.

All good fun eh?  But it's done now.  I still have to make sure I've had a haircut and stuff before I go, so that I can look good on board.  LOL

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