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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Day 7 continued, Sat 5th Feb, To Finish Off

It did continue to be another lazy day.  We had lunch outside, which meant I ended up eating me hair.  Blame Peter for that one, he hates me tying it up, but if I don’t it just gets blown everywhere except off me face.
It was a really warm day, with many of the passengers sunning themselves on deck.  Unfortunately, it was also very hazy.  Something to do with a sandstorm over one of the African deserts the Captain told us.  The amount of sun is important, because the hottier and sunnier it is, the smaller Peter’s class, because everyone wants to be out on deck, and no-one wants to give up their sun lounger for an art class!  So if I give you class numbers, it will give you a gauge on the weather.  Saturday’s class was 46.
Just towards the end, the ship announced it’s tea dance, and all the passengers headed towards the secret garden lounge.  Not one of them to dance though, they were much more interested in the tea, and the cream cakes that went with the tea.  In a very orderly and controlled fashion they totally stripped the Secret Garden Cafe bare of all dainties, éclairs, scones, jam and anything else that looked remotely sweet. It was amazing to watch, and strangely I didn’t join in?  I’m not quite sure why, fear mebbe?
We later watched a recording of a Port talk about the Amazon, then went to dinner before our evening show.  It was a formal night again, so Peter dressed up in his tux, and I dressed up in Sophie’s dress.  (Thanks Sophie).    This evenings show was the singer Cheryl Sinclair, and she really is very good, she sang two of my favouritist songs beautifully, “Perfect Day” and Whitney’s Houston’s version of “I want to run to you” .  We followed up with coffee in the Iceni room and Bed
I have one last thing to say, Congratulations to my nephew Ped and Sarah on getting married.  I hope you had a wonderful wonderful day.

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