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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Day 7, Sat 5th Feb, And Another Seaday.

Yesterday continued in a slow relaxing way.  Peter had another 50+ class which took up the most of the afternoon.  I usually help him set up at beginning and tidy up at the end.  I sit outside and read or chat to other passengers in between.
We’ve been told that, because I do not have a seaman’s book, I will not be permitted to help Peter when we get to Brazilian waters.  Apparently they are very strict and looking for opportunities to fine visiting ships. You will remember that Peter had to apply for his seaman’s book, with it all going into  overdrive with medicals and documents just before we left.  That book has not yet arrived, and we are told it won’t be delivered until we get to Santarem, our first port in Brazil.  This means that Peter will be unable to work from when we pass the Brazilian customs point at Macapo until the book arrives.  He effectively gets a day off.
Last night we ate as usual in the Secret Garden cafe.  The food is lovely, and because it is a buffet, you can eat as much or a little as you like and there is always something for everyone.  Finally, we watched the comedian, who was absolutely brilliant, then a quiet drink the extremely comfortable observatory lounge and back to the cabin.  We put the clocks back an hour last night, so we are now an hour behind everyone in the UK. 
Today is another seaday, and once again it is late morning and we are relaxing in the Iceni lounge writing blogs, checking mail etc.  It is really warm outside, and the sun is out and so are the sunworshippers.  More and more flesh is revealing itself by the minute!  It’s a bit hazy outside but you can definitely feel the sun on your back.  The sea is a giving the ship a little bit of a roll but nothing too bad.  The Captain tells us it is a moderate swell, force 6 winds.
Today promises to be another lazy lethargic day, with a class for Peter this afternoon and the singer tonight.  Tomorrow we’ll arrive in Mindelo, in the Cape Verde islands.  Hopefully we’ll find some free Wi-fi .

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