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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Day Eleven Wednesday 9th Feb, the Amazon is getting closer

Not a lot to report today. It was actually raining (drizzling) when we went out on deck this morning, but that went away by lunchtime.  Temperatures are constantly climbing. I think it’s been between 25 and 30 degrees C since we left Mindelo.  Thankfully the ship is air conditioned.
We went to the talk this morning on the Amazon wildlife, which was very interesting.  Then I tackled the launderette.  There are 7 washing machines, 7 dryers and 800+ passengers.  As Peter put it, “it’s like a war zone”.  Actually, it isn’t that bad, but with the machines in such high demand, nobody is giving anyone else any slack.  If a machine finishes and no-one appears to unload it, then it is unloaded for them.  I got my couple of loads done anyway.
Peter’s class had 51, I’ve shown the kindle to at least 3 people, and I did not get a cake at 4pm.  We’ve fended off a few questions about terms of payment for Peter. Obviously we are not to discuss it with the passengers or other entertainers. Some of our colleagues are not so discreet tho, which naturally interests us cos we wanna know if they are getting a better deal.  Curiously, it’s the passengers that enlighten us.
My skin has just about recovered from the overdose of sun the other day, so we sat out for half an hour this evening, practising with our binoculars.  It is very warm and humid, which is OK if you are not moving.  I am not so sure the people belting around as fast as they can walk, doing their mile would necessarily agree.  They did look hot.  I was thinking “isn’t this a holiday?”
The flying fish are still in abundance, we’re all very blas√© about them now.  We are just about to start getting ready for our evening meal.  Elegant Casual tonight, which means Peter has to wear trousers and I have to sew the hem up first.  The violinist and a singer will keep us entertained tonight, and I am sure our last act will be to go to the library and upload our blogs etc.
All in all a very pleasant and relaxing day.

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