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Friday, 18 February 2011

Day nineteen, Thursday 17th February, racing for Tobago

Well, today has been an uneventful sea day.  The captain announced that he thinks that we should still be able to get to Tobago on time, I keep overhearing conversations and speculations about the sandbank we hit yesterday (?), and I burnt me legs a little more up on the top deck.  We were watching the rainforest go by, feeling rather sorry to be leaving it.  If we get the chance, we wanna come back and see more of the jungle.
Until we got past Macapa pilot station and threw the Brazilian guys overboard (I mean “let them off the ship”) Peter has been unable to work and run the art workshops.  This is all to do with the palaver surrounding the seaman’s book.  It did eventually arrive in Manaus we are told.  But the Brazilian authorities insisted that Peter cannot be classed as “crew” unlessl he has a book, and no, he couldn’t be changed from passenger to crew at Manaus.  Those people that were listed as passengers on the manifest when the ship entered the country had to stay passengers until the ship left again.  Peter isn’t the only one affected, the senior host, (proper full time Fred Olsen staff), couldn’t work until we got past Macapa. The hosts work long hard hours, so I bet he was dead chuffed to get a week off.  I doubt the cruise director was as happy.
Anyway, we saw him (the host) tonight, back in uniform and no doubt raring to go (mebbe).  Peter will have a workshop tomorrow and all will be back to normal.
Apart from that, there is not a lot to blog about, so I am adding a few pictures just because.  

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