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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Day Ten, (I think, including Southampton), Tues 8th Feb, Cruising to Macapa, Brazil

We put the clocks back another hour last night.  We are now two hours behind the UK. For everyone’s general info:- a typical sea day. 

8.30 Got up
9.00 Breakfast in the Secret Garden Cafe
9.30 Took a couple of laps on deck and watched the flying fish.  Met the ornithologist who was able to tell us that there are 70 species of flying fish, the big bird we saw yesterday was a brown booby, and the smaller one was probably a Leeches Petrel.  (I’ve probably spelt that wrong)
10.00 Listened to the Port speaker who told us all about Manaus.
10.45 Coffee/tea in the Iceni lounge
11.00 Watched two very clever chefs ice carve a griffin using 3 blocks of ice and then sliding them together.  Amazing!
11.30 Drank rum punch and watched lots of people join in on the deck party with the dance hosts encouraging everyone to join in.  The rum punch was free, so you can imagine the passengers making sure they got their share...........  and some!
12:15 Took another couple of laps around the deck, pausing only under shade as my sunburn from Mindelo hasn’t healed yet.  Still loads of flying fish.
12:45 Lunch on the rear deck in the shade.  Lovely beef skewers and salad.
13.15 Back to the cabin for a while, Peter messed around with his films and prepared for his next class.  I played Freecell.  (This is not my usual pastime, I prefer spider solitaire or I read.)
14:40 Go upstairs and help Peter pepare the Heligan room (normally a restaurant), for the art workshop and getting the students settled for class.  48 today
15.00 Leave Peter to it.  Read my kindle with copious cups of tea, coffee or whatever I fancy at the time.  Usually get disturbed by someone asking about the kindle or just being chatty. 
16.00  Went to get a cake (first time I’ve done this, been dead good up to now), from the afternoon tea thingy in the Secret Garden Cafe, and a fruit tea, (suddenly taking a liking to it).
16.30 Helped Peter tidy up the Heligan room, put his stuff back in the cabin.
17.00 Took another wander around deck, talked to more passengers, saw more flying fish. 
17:30 Went for a cup of coffee in Iceni lounge, ended up talking to a pair of brothers, one a chemist and the other a maths and physics engineer.  (Me n Peter are now very confused!)
18.30 Back to the cabin to type up blogs, or in Peter’s case, a little more film editing.
19:45 Go for dinner in the Secret Garden Cafe. It’s Indian night, lurrrrrvly.
20.45 Go to the Neptune lounge to watch the show, acts are a magician and a comedian.  Brilliant.
22.00 Up on the top deck for a drink outside at the Marquee Bar.  Its really warm out, and humid because of the sea haze.  Nice tho.
22.30 Back into the cabin to collect laptop and stuff, then up to the library to use wi-fi.  Check email, facebook and update blogs.
And Finally...... back to the cabin to chill out, read, drink coffee, whatever for bed.

Cool eh?

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