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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Day thirtyfive, Saturday 5th March, Our last day onboard

So what does it feel like?  There is an air of excitement. Is it because we’ll be getting off tomorrow and back to home comforts?  Is it because everyone is waiting for the passenger talent show?  Nah, it’s because today is the day for the big exhibition.  All Peter’s students have given us pictures to display, and we keep getting asked what time is the exhibition? When are we putting the pictures up?  Do we need a hand?  All the students are dead keen.
We on the other hand are filling in time. We sat in on the ghost talk that did not convince us about ghosts, and then we happily sat in on Moss’s talk about the birds seen in the Caribbean and the Azores.  Moss is a good speaker, and fun.
Then we had lunch, and chatted to a few passengers, then finally it was time to get the paintings on the wall.  It seemed like the whole class turned up to help us, and it was a good job they did, because we would never have got all the pictures up in time if they hadn’t, remember this was a very large class, and they were working with Peter for 18 workshops/classes.  We covered every inch of wall we could find.

The area used for the display was the sort of foyer/reception area into the Neptune lounge and the restaurants.  Everyone had to go through there for something (especially as the passenger talent show was due to start at 3.30, and our exhibition was ready at 3pm.).  It was packed. out.
The “general public”  were genuinely impressed with the standard of the paintings of the class, and the whole occasion was an absolute success.  The students were happy, Peter was happy, and I managed to slip out and get cake whilst everyone else was “mingling”.  Superb.  I also managed to pop in on the talent show.  None of them are going to get a job on stage I’m afraid, but it could have been worse......... I could have had a go. The choir didn’t do too badly though.
Our exhibition is still running on.  We had thought to take it down about 4.15, but it was closer to 5 by the time we had started to get the pictures down. We delivered those that hadn't been collected by the students, (and got to have a nose in on the cabins on floors 7 and 8 - Dead nice!) Then we had to get back to our cabin to pack.  Then it was dinner, a game of Scrabble with Moss and Robina, which we thoroughly enjoyed, then back here to the cabin for a final blog.

Tomorrow we are back in Southampton, Monday I go back to work and normality.  I have kept this blog as a sort of diary.  We have seen so many things and enjoyed so many new experiences it has been hard to keep track. Peter has videoed just about everything and will make a DVD type film of our cruise. I have taken hundreds of photographs, we have hoarded all the Daily Times, information sheets, maps and details of the tours and places we have been, and as I said before, we managed to get a copy of the Ship’s DVD.  If possible, I don’t want to forget anything.  I can honestly say have enjoyed these last 5 weeks, the only downer has been rough seas. Would we do it again?  To the Amazon?  Oh yess!!  But not just yet eh? 
Final pictures are Peter in class and one of the exhibition this afternoon, and the pink dolphins.  I never managed to get an actual photo of these but I did take some film.  I have finally managed to cut a few stills out of the film to give an idea of how these creatures look.  They are pink, (and grey), have very long beaks, and a sort of floppy dorsal fin.  Cool huh?

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