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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Careful Cruising

During our trip, we've seen several of our fellow passengers need the care of the doctor.  We've heard of how a fit and healthy passenger felt a little peculiar.  A trip to the doctor revealed she'd lost all the salts and inerals in her body due to the heat and humidity.  Her treatment included being put on a drip.
We've seen and heard of passenger trips and falls resulting in quite nasty cuts and bruises.  One poor lady was left behind after quite a serious incident in Santarem.  Rumour has it that she suffered a collapsed lung.
A little while ago, Peter and I witnessed a gentleman trip on stairs at one of the ports.  The blood on his leg and the distress on his wife's face made it obvious that this wasn't a little graze.  A few days later, I asked the wife how he was.  She was full of praise for the medical care he'd received from the ship's doctor.  He'd need quite a bit of care, including loads of stitches on the day, followed by daily changes of his dressing.  Today we saw the same couple at reception in a heated discussion about European Health Care Insurance, and guessed that they'd received the bill.   EHCI cards cover health care in Europe, but not anywhere else, including the ship.  Wherever possible, you look after yourself, bringing a supply of paracetamol, antiseptic creams and plasters, and stay away from the medical centre.  But health insurance is must.  A pre-existing medical condition may put the cost up, but I am sure it is nowhere near as expensive as paying the medical bills yourself.  I wouldn't like to guess the cost of a doctor's consultation, or for antibiotics, or a drip.

On a different point, (where I am not brow beating or lecturing), here's a curious thing.  The ship has been rolling about a bit over the last 24 hours.  Enough for the sick bag fairy to have had to make her rounds up and down the stairwells and halls.  After a while, you get used to the motion, and when concentrating on something, you forget about it entirely.
Therefore, if it's dark, and you are sitting on the rear deck and look up into the sky, you may be completely confused by a tiny light that appears to twinkle and move about in circles above you.  No, it is not a UFO, nor a plane, or anything else flying in our atmosphere.  It's a star!.  What you've forgotten is that it is not that little twinkling light that is moving, but yourself and the ship.  Quite bemusing.  Especially when there is a sky full of stars, and a moon, and it all moves above you, like someone is pulling the blanket around,

Tomorrow we are in St Georges, Grenada.  Peter's been here before, and it sounds lovely.  I can't wait.

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