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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Stage Two, getting me to Lisbon and the ship........... Oooooooer

Well, I'm posting this just before I leave for Lisbon.  If it doesn't get updated, then I didn't make it!  (Boy! That sounds a bit dramatic doesn't it?)

As it happens, I've got it all in hand:  Train tickets...... Check.  Overnight hotel booking...... Check.    Flight tickets, euros, and instructions in Portuguese for a taxi from the airport to the ship......... Check, check, check.   Passport, EHCI card, yellow fever certificate...... Check, check, check.  How organised am I?

What's the betting something goes wrong?

I admit to jumping out of bed last night to check I'd got the dates right, and I know I won't be sleep in the hotel because I will be scared that I won't wake in time for the flight.  This then becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because I will eventually fall asleep at about 3 in the morning and and subsequently find it extremely hard to wake up when the alarm goes off!

I can't wait to get there though, and then onwards to Madeira, Cape Verde and the Amazon.  Awesome.

 Oh well, here we go.........

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