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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Will we, won't we, will we, won't we, will we get to the Black Watch?

For all of you checking this blog wondering "Where's Peter?"

It all started at teatime yesterday.  We'd just about finished packing and Peter was feeling a little dizzy.  We thought it was because he hadn't eaten.  Hearty supper of chicken drumsticks, wedges and veggies followed.
An hour later, Peter was worse.  In fact, he was beginning to feel so dizzy he had to lie down and close his eyes.  If he opened them, the room spun, with subsequent bathroom visits to resolve the nausea.
I let him doze and finished the packing.  Naturally I Googled it to see if we could work out what was going on.   You should never try to diagnose from the internet.  It seemed it could be anything from meningitus to a heart attack with likely dire consequences!! 
However, both my daughter and I have suffered from vertigo, and I know it's usually an imbalance in the ear, caused by a virus.  Thing is, Peter was worse than either of us had been.  The room spun when he opened his eyes, whether he moved or not. I was getting worried. 
We went to bed with the hope he could sleep it off.  The alarm was set for 6 am.  After a fitful night and despite my reservations, Peter got up, determined that he was going to make the drive to Dover to board the Black Watch.  10 mins later he got back to bed, with that waxy white look that you know means really ill.
So, we phoned the agency to tell them he wasn't going to make it, I got him into the vets, and after an injection and a prescription to ease the dizziness and nausea, he was back in bed.  I had to leave him there for a while whilst I drove through floods to get to work, but I was back by lunchtime, when finally he started to slowly feel better.  By tea time, he could walk with only slight dizziness, and the prognosis is good.  He should feel fine in a couple of days. 

So we aren't going to go on the cruise after all.......  Or are we?  As it happens, Fred Olsen were understanding, and since Peter isn't contagious, he can join the ship in Almeria, just as I was going to do anyway.  So all is well.  Next blog should be Almeria.  Keep your fingers crossed. 

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