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Monday, 15 October 2012

Home after the Mediterranean

So, starting Sun 14th October 11.50 am Grecian time -

   Taxi to Iraklion Airport
   Flight to Athens
   Flight to Heathrow
   Tube to London Kings Cross
   Train to Darlington
   Taxi Home

Arriving Mon 15th October, 02.00 am English time.  I have to be up for work today too.

But it was all well worth it.  I have had a brilliant time.  Highlights were definitely Istanbul and Athens, but Odessa and Malta were pretty special too.  I have to say that the friendliness of the the Filipino staff on the Fred Olsen ships can't be beaten, and there have been several occasions where the evening meal really was excellent.  I think I enjoyed the most tender steak I have ever eaten, as well as the best sweet n sour meal I've tasted courtesy of the chef on the Black Watch this trip.

I think cruising is addictive.  For me, it is getting looked after all day, and visiting the most wonderful places.  But for others, (I have heard people on board ship commenting), it is the relaxation of sitting on deck, under the warm sun, cocktail in hand and enjoying the company of other passengers.

A wonderful wonderful trip, and I can't wait until the next one.

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