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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Black Watch

This post is made up of extracts of previous posts with the idea of letting you know what it was like to be on board the Black Watch. Hopefully it will serve the purpose.

From October 2012

"I have to say that the friendliness of the the Filipino staff on the Fred Olsen ships can't be beaten,"

In the Garden Cafe: "there have been several occasions where the evening meal really was excellent. I think I enjoyed the most tender steak I have ever eaten, as well as the tastiest sweet n sour meal in memory, courtesy of the chef on the Black Watch this trip."

In the Restaurant: It was a bit of a surprise to be honest. I think I was expecting a lot more formality, a slower meal, and maybe the family silver or something. But the system is very smooth and waiters were incredibly efficient. We selected our starter and main course (as did everyone else at the same time), and then hundreds of plated up starters appeared. The waiters knew exactly which table for what, and I was really amazed at how they simply spotted when people had finished one course, cleared the plates and appeared with the main course. It didn’t matter that tables were finishing at different speeds. It was actually a very pleasant meal, even finishing with a coffee. If I have any complaints, it would be that if Peter and I had served ourselves as per normal, we may have had fuller plates and more chips. 4 chips! 4 chips! Everyone could be heard making the same comment. They were nice chips though.

There is a show, twice every night (to cater for the two sittings). Sometimes there are theme nights, which the show will latch onto and where passengers are encouraged to participate. Sunday night was international night, with the show company putting on a display of international song and dance. To keep within theme passengers appeared in all sorts of colourful regalia just for fun, anything from the red white and blue of the Union Jack up to the blanket over the head type Arabs

What does it look like
Figurehead overlooking the pool deck.
The Garden Cafe where we ate most of our meals. 
Braemar Lounge
Marquee Pool and Jacuzzi's
The Gym
The Morning Light Pub
The Pool Deck - when the weather's good many passengers eat out here. 
Our cabin - very nice. 
Overall feel of the cruise
"The entertainment is designed for the clientele, and Fred Olsen ships specifically target a certain age, which is basically retired folk. There are ramps everywhere for the less able, and a fair number of the passengers use sticks, zimmerframes and wheelchairs."
"the pace of this particular ship is very genteel and relaxing. Because the ship did not feel busy, we thought it may be a good part empty, but apparently not, somehow there are 800 passengers on the cruise, but you can’t tell.

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