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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Saturday 26th January – Santana

What can I tell you about Santana? Well basically, it’s not a nice place. The ship had to stop here overnight, but we didn’t bother going ashore, and this morning, just to stretch our legs, we took a walk out into town. We stopped just long enough to buy water and take a few photo’s, and then walked back.

The port is industrial, so there is nothing to see, and if wasn’t for the fact that Santana is the port closest to Macapa, then there would be absolutely no reason to be here. The overriding impression of the town is dirty, with rubbish and foul smells everywhere. Not pleasant at all. Tip for following passengers, get a tour, or a taxi into Macapa if you visit this way, otherwise you may feel better staying on the ship.
Pictures provided to prove the point. The church is the only thing that could be described as attractive.

My sunburn hasn’t browned off yet, so I’m still feeling a little sore. The ship has just left Santana and we are now on our way down river and leaving the Amazon, (Booooooooo!). But our next stop is Isle De Salut (Yippeeeeeee!). We absolutely loved it there last time, and we are really hoping to get the same conditions again.

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