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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday 13th January - Mindelo

Here we are again. Although it's not everyone's cup of tea, me n Peter really like Mindelo. Maybe cos it's like us, scruffy, with not a lot of money. But the people are friendly, and we can see the place changing year on year.

This year, because Peter is still quite poorly, we decided to take it really easy. We wandered over to the market place where we had a drink and Peter bought a hat. It's such a shame that every time we've come here it's been a Sunday and everywhere has been closed. I suspect this place is alive and vibrant during the week days.

We took a few photographs before making our way to the posh touristy bit where we met with some of the other lecturers, and had another drink. We didn't stay long, and now we are at the marina we found last year, enjoying the cheap wi-fi. I've had me lunch here, local cuisine, stewed chicken and rice, which had a creole flavour to it. (Peter wasn't up to it, although he didn't mind eating half of mine), and we've sat in the sun whilst Peter worked. I like it here.

Some pictures for you.
The volcanic hills surround the water filled crater that is Mindelo Bay

Marco Polo at Mindelo

Mindelo Marina

The Market Place in Mindelo, sadly not a lot going on today, as it's Sunday

One of the better streets.  We were amazed at the trees growing in the road

It's been a really nice day.  We going back to the ship shortly, to survey the sun damage.

There are five days at sea after Mindelo.  We’ll cross the equator during this time, but there will also be a “dead zone”, where there is very little satellite communication for either phones or internet.  We’re looking forward to the crossing the equator ceremony and flying fish.  Our first port in Brazil is Santarem. As Peter sez...... “Bring it on”.

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