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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Friday 8th February – Horta, Faial, The Azores.

We woke up this morning, had breakfast and went out on deck, but only for the few minutes we needed to get over the shock we had as we went out. ...........  It was cold!

Alright, maybe not cold like it is in the UK at the moment, but definitely less than we’ve been used to.  People were wearing trousers, and sweaters, and even coats!  Oh my, you can tell we are getting closer to home.

But today we are in Horta.  We didn’t arrive until 1pm, and it was still cold.  So after lunch, and putting on our fleeces for the first time in weeks, we set off for a walk round the little town. 

It’s a lovely little place, which I am certain would look brilliant with a bit of sun.  There’s not a lot to do and there isn’t much in the way of shopping.  But, for an afternoon’s stroll (much needed after 5 days at sea), and some time sitting in a pleasant cafe or bar watching the world go by, it is just the ticket.

Some pictures..
The trees are deliberately trimmed to look like this.  Amazing!
A pretty little park in the town centre, with these black swans.  Really lovely.
If you head left out of the port, towards the little hill (that Peter climbed last year), you'll find this tiny bay.  Really lovely, it reminded us of Cornwall.

Ponta Delgada tomorrow, and my flight home. (Now pulling sad face as I type this).

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