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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Day 21 - Saturday 25th January - Parintins

The Boi Bumba Bull from folklore.
Parintins is located on a little island called Tupinambarana (no, I can't pronounce it!) It's a peaceful little town, with a very relaxed atmosphere, until their Boi Bumba festival at the end of June, the second largest festival in Brazil. The Boi Bumba is essentially a dance off between the Caprichoso and Garantido teams, telling an Amazonian folk legend. The winning team is the one with the most elaborate costumes, body paint, expressive dances, loudest music and most enthusiastic supporters.
Sadly, we've arrived in January, not June. However, the town provides a show to passing cruise ships to give a taste of what the festival, and it is absolutely fantastic. I know this because Peter and I have attended it before, unfortunately we didn't get to see it this time.
The main street in Parantins.  Curious how the trees are painted white.
The main forms of transport in Parintins are bicycles, motorbikes and pedicabs.  
Instead, we had a potter around Parantins. The ship was having problems getting us to the town, because the river current was so strong only the bigger tenders could take us across. It slowed things down a little, but we were in no hurry.
Once in town, I experimented a little with Peter's camera, testing out the zoom lens to photograph a few birds. I was absolutely delighted with my pictures.
Blue Grey Tanager in Parantins
Smooth Billed Ani  (How good am I?  Learning the names of all these birds)
Peter needed some new sunglasses, and found a pair he liked the price of (cheap) in a little shop on the main street. Anyone who knows him knows he can be very animated - which translates in any language. Peter's confusion over a small 10 cent coin caused the shop keeper to decide he liked him and giving him a couple of sweets, (like a child?) Anyone who knows him will also know Peter's reaction to sweets! But he behaved himself on this occasion. The sunglasses are cool too.
The Marco Polo anchored in the Amazon
It was a half day in Parintins. We waited at the pier for our tender and were lucky enough to see both gray and pink dolphins in the calm water nearby. Not a bad day then. And it was all finished off with a drink in Scott's Bar and Burns Night celebrations.
Tomorrow is Alter De Chao and a chance for a swim. Yippeeeee.

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