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Friday, 24 October 2014

Klaipeda, Lithuania


Yep, like you, I have never heard of the place.  But that doesn't matter.  It's a lovely city and we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.
An emblem of the city, except I can't remember what it's called.
It started with a late start.  So late in fact that we missed breakfast, but we did get to see our Comedy Legends play "Just a minute".  PS - if I haven't told you, the entertainment for this cruise has included Frank Williams (Dad's Army), Nikki Kelly, (Hi de Hi), Arthur Bostrum (Allo Allo), Jeffrey Holland (Hi de Hi) and Melvyn Hayes, (It ain't half hot mum).  That was really good fun.

After that it was an early lunch, cos we'd missed breakfast, then downstairs to get sorted to get off ship because it was supposed to be docked by 12.30.

'Cept it wasn't.  I can only compare the efforts to get the ship into the free space available to it to my attempts at parallel parking.  I can't!  And neither could the ship.  After several attempts to negotiate into a slot only just big enough between a little tanker and a battleship, the Pilot gave up and a tug was called in to push the ship sideways into the available space.

So, an hour after intended, we were off the ship and heading for the tourist information centre.  The map we were provided showed a walking route to encompass all the sights.  Since we didn't have anything else planned, we thought we might as well follow it. 

Klaipeda could be described as a city of modern art.  It was everywhere, and our little map took us to a fair amount.  Here are the pictures. 
Mid 18th Century buildings.  There are quite a few old buildings in the city
Art pieces in the Sculpture Park.  There are mo

A war memorial

Other bronze sculptures from around the city. 

Rub the cats tail for good luckj

Whisper int the mouses ear to make a wish come true

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