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Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 6 of our Iceland Cruise - Not Husavik

Our first view of Iceland
We woke quite late, had a leisurely breakfast, and went upstairs to get the first views of Iceland. The Voyager was due to dock at Husavik at midday, and we would be straight off to escort the Whale Watching tour, so we wouldn't really have time for lunch, except they laid on the meal early (starting at 11.15). It seemed like no sooner had we had breakfast, we were eating our midday sandwiches prior to the tour.

The wind was pretty strong, and I had thought it might affect the tour, but the Shore Excursion team told me that they'd not been told of any problems and it would go ahead, but.........
Husavik from the fjord
But the wind was too much for the ship, and the Captain couldn't get her to the dock. He apologised, and we sat out in the fjord for an hour or so hoping the wind would die down. Instead, it got worse. On the plus side, the clouds were blown away, the skies turned blue, and the air warmed in the glorious sunshine.
Iceland looking beautiful in the glorious sunshine
The Capt came on over the loudspeaker system again to tell us that there was no way he could get the ship docked in this weather. He'd contacted our next port, Akureyi, and although the wind was pretty bad there as well, it was a lot more sheltered, and they had a tug that could help. So the anchor was lifted and off we chugged.
The wind catching the surface of the waves, creating little funnels of spray
And we took the scenic route. That is, the Captain took the ship into the next fjord so that we could enjoy the breathtaking views....... and it was stunning! We all stood on the top deck, almost blown away by the scenery, and almost the same again by the wind.

But eventually they closed the decks and the clouds came over and we went back inside. We didn't venture back out again until after dinner (which was lovely again by the way). We were sat enjoying a quiet drink when one of the lecturers came to tell us that if we went out on the back deck we could see the Northern Lights. And we did!

OK, the green glowing curtain didn't appear that strongly, and the lights from the town sort of dimmed the effect, but it was still wonderful.

I was very disappointed not to have been able to go whale watching today, but tomorrow we do not have any escorting duties so we get to wander freely. I wonder what Akureyri is like?

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