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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Malta and Valetta Day One

We have just had the most brilliant day, and I think I am getting to really like Valletta and Malta.

It didn't start off brilliant.  Last night was rocky. I woke often with the feeling that I was about to be tipped out of bed, and Peter had to get up and rescue fallen items in the night. It stayed rocky for the rest of the morning, although it was quite pleasant on deck, with a warm breeze.

As we got closer to Valetta, the sea decided to play tricks. Every 3-4 minutes the rocking became very much worse, tipping people, crockery, cutlery and food all over the place.  Then the captain announced that he would have to retract the stabilisers as the ship sailed into Valetta Harbour. Hold on folks!
There was a cheer as the Minerva sailed through the harbour walls. No more rocking and rolling. Yippee!

We left the ship quite late in the afternoon, (having sneaked a nap after lunch), with a plan to walk around the edge of the town to the harbour breakwater.  We've downloaded some maps of the various places we are visiting, and our map of Malta showed a path right to the breakwater.

Well, it was quite the little adventure.  The path is not for the person that is a little unsteady on their feet, or of a nervous disposition, but if you're up for it, the sights were awesome.  Waves crashed against the rocks, drenching the way ahead but adding so much life and drama to the walk.

The final few steps involved paddling through several inches of water as the crashing waves on the other side of the harbour wall came flooding across our route.

Those waves were fantastic. 
An unforgettable experience. If we come back to Valetta, we would definitely take this walk again.

The ship is staying in Valetta overnight, but we had dinner on board, and watched 'All at Sea', the three man theatre company, produce a couple of sketches.

And tomorrow we'll wake in Valletta again. We plan to spend the morning having a look around town. The ship is due to sail at 2pm and Peter has a class at the same time.  Hopefully the sea will be kinder to us then.

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