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Saturday, 2 January 2016

An evening in Vigo

Well, today has been a sea day, but we have been granted a bit of a pit stop before we start the last leg home across the Bay of Biscay

And a good job too really.  It's been a rough sea day, quite a few people have tipped over in their chairs, there have been a few loud crashes as crockery has taken a dive off the shelves, and a few people have had to take a dive of their own, straight into bed. 

But I've sort of got my sea legs, so apart from feeling heady, I've managed to make it through the day - and this evening we finally got into the blissful, level peace of Vigo.

After a day and a half of rough seas, most passengers were very relieved to take a walk out onto dry land, and we joined them.  We weren't expecting much, since it was dark, and nobody seemed to know anything about the place. 

We only had a short walk, because Peter was committed to taking part in "Blankety Blank" in Scotts Bar, but it was a very pleasant little walk nonetheless. 

We found dinosaurs
And statues

There were Christmas and colourful lights everywhere, We think it might be the sort of place we'd enjoy a walk around in the daytime. Unfortunately we won't get the opportunity at the moment, but maybe sometime in the future. 

At around 2am, the ship sets of on the last two sea days before we arrive in Bristol.  The weather forecast I was looking at isn't good.  Fingers crossed eh?

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