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Saturday, 1 October 2016

1st October and our 1st day on the Magellan

All this space!

I don't know where to start, so I'll start when I woke up this morning in the Travelodge.  We'd driven down last night to save the stress of having to get from North Yorkshire to London by 10.45ish in the morning.  So we'd stopped in the Travelodge about 12 miles from the port, had a bit of a lie in and a leisurely breakfast and we easily arrived at Tilbury on time.

I've never been on the Magellan before and was expecting to be completely anonymous, but as I was waiting for Peter to come back from parking the car, I was hailed by Rebecca, someone I knew from the Shorex team on the Marco Polo.  And then it turned out that everyone knew Peter, and we were whisked through the boarding process and down to our cabin in double quick time. The perks of being married to a celebrity.

And what a cabin - they've given us a lounge! Actually, it is the space for two extra beds, so there's a sofa and a pullman, but since there are only two of us, we can use it as a second room. So much space - it's pure luxury! Thank you CMV. I wonder why this cabin isn't given out to passengers though, it really is quite luxurious?

So now we are on board, we couldn't wait to have a look around. We've decided we really like it. The ship's blurb talks about wide corridors......  And they are. We were impressed by the show lounge, and loved the generally spacious feeling of the ship, it's got loads of bars and lounges and I doubt that it ever feels crowded.
One of the two restaurants, I can't remember if this is the Waldorf or the Kensington.
The Captains Club
The Magellan Show Lounge
The spacious main staircase and hall
The ship has plenty of deck space and we've discovered a fantastic covered rear deck, with heaters, that looks like a garden. In writing this blog from it, and despite the fact that it's cold, windy and raining on the decks, me and Peter are really comfortable.  Nobody else seems to have found the place so we are all alone. Lovely.
We've nicknamed this rear deck "The Garden"
So what else can I tell you? Well, we ate in Raffles Bistro rather than the restaurant.  We can't Comment too much on the food, as we've only had one meal, but it was good. The Bistro, like everywhere else on this ship is much bigger than we are used to, and the self service layout is split into 6 different bars, which confused us slightly. But it means there are no queues, despite the fact the ship is full.

So all in all a good day. I feel relaxed and excited and ready for Amsterdam tomorrow, but before I finish I have to mention one chap.

We met him as we were exploring the ship, outside the Sinatra Lounge, (which looks really nice). With very of much a middle class voice, Mr Brexit, as I shall call him, announced very loudly that he couldn't find anyone that spoke English. Narrow minded and rascist thought I. I like that the the crew is made up of a mixture of nationalities, Ukranian and Indian being predominant, but they all speak English well enough, and I think it makes for a multicultural experience, especially as we seem to have so many Dutch and Asian passengers on board.
Tara to a rather gray and miserable looking London
Rainbows ahead.  Beautiful.  Hopefully it's an indication of a few wonders ahead. 
So we finished the day in the show lounge, where Kate and Raoul impressed us with their singing voices, although it might takens a little while to work out the best places to sit and we are now on a calm sea, which will hopefully stay that way, heading towards Amsterdam. I've never been there, so tomorrow will bring a new experience. Class!

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