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Monday, 3 October 2016

Day three of our Baltic Cities Cruise - A sea day

Sea day on the Magellan.

The hatches were battened down last night, cos of the bad weather, so it was pretty dark in the cabin this morning and Peter's alarm was the only indication that it was time to get up.  The sea was calm and I felt fine this morning so we took our time and joined the masses for a leisurely breakfast in the Bistro.  I've decided to have a go at the 10.30 craft class and made a little gift basket. Lunch was eaten in the Bistro and at 13.30 we were all set up for Peter's 2nd Watercolour class, we'd even got an extra table into the room to cope with the 3 or 4 we'd turned away yesterday, so we were all ready and raring to go.

Except that this time, twice as many people turned up. I became bouncer, turning people away and telling them to come back at 3.30.  I did so much apologising, I almost became hoarse.  So it seems Peter will be doing two classes of 25 a day then.

It's formal night tonight, so we got all togged up.  In a (probably wasted) effort to look slimmer I donned my "Oh my god I can't breathe!" knickers.  I think they may be called 'magic knickers' because of the intended effect, but we've decided that's slightly wrong. They should be called 'magicians knickers' ......... Because they cut you in half!

Dinner in the Bistro was very nice, the food on this ship is much better than on the Marco Polo, (I wonder why that is?), and we ended the day with the show in the show lounge.

Tomorrow we're going to visit the little mermaid in Copenhagen, and unlike our last visit, it's going to be a dry day.  Awesome!

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