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Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday 25th November - Peter's Early Christmas Present

Seaday mean a lie in, a leisurely breakfast and maybe taking part in the entertainments programme going on around the ship.  Today I went and sat in on Robin's talk about dolphin's and whales in the area, which I quite enjoyed. 

In the afternoon, Peter had his first class, which ended up with a very respectable 30 passengers sat in the Explorer Lounge painting the Stilt Fisherman of Koggala. They did really well, I was dead impressed.

In the evening Peter and I just happened to be walking past the ship's shop and noticed that they had a load of Seckonda watches on sale outside.  His last watch had finally given up working, and he needed a new one, which we'd agreed I'd get him as a Christmas present.  Looking through the display, we didn't like any of the half price watches, but since we'd started looking, we had to keep going and went inside to see what else they had.  Peter ended up doing what every woman does when she's looking for a new pair of shoes.  He really liked the first watch that he looked at, but we ended up dismantling the shop's window display looking at every other example they had before he decided he wanted the first one after all. The shop staff were brilliantly patient with us, and he is now sporting a very handsome Fossil watch which I love.

We're in port tomorrow, Chennai in India.  India has never caught my imagination so I don't know what to expect.  Peter and I are on different tours, so it'll be interesting to compare notes at the end of the day.

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