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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Tuesday 1st November. On the way to Olden

So today was Peter’s first class;  10 o’clock in the Conference Room.  As always, he’s keen to get everything right, so we were in there before 9, moving the tables around and getting the room ready for the passengers.

They started turning up about 10 past 9!   Peter and I were constantly telling them that they needed to just give us a bit more time as we were setting up.  At 9.40, I invited them in to the class, at 9.50, the room was full, and from that point the door was closed with me stood out in corridor like Gandolph.  “Thou shalt not pass”!

By 10am, I had turned away enough people to fill the room again, so Peter  ran another class at 11.30.  It was a little bit hectic up until that point, as I needed to stay a little longer and do my bouncer thing, find the assistant cruise director, confirm the class and an announcement, get some photocopies of the study sheets made, get Peter some drinking water, and be ready to help him clean up and turn the conference room around ready for the next class.  I even managed to drop into the shore excursions office and let them know that we wouldn’t be available for any of the early tours at Olden.   AND I made meself use the stairs most of the time.  (Our cabin in on 4, reception and shorex are on 5, Peter’s class was on 8 and the tea station is on 10).   Good eh!

The sea has been a little bit choppy, but the Magellan is bigger than the ships I’ve been on before.  I find that she doesn’t move around as much, and for me, she is very comfortable and I haven’t felt queasy at all.  Not the case for many passengers who are feeling a little green around the gills.  Unfortunately though, it is supposed to get rougher tonight.   We’ll see how I go, but I’m fine so far.  It’s formal night.  Peter hates it,  but he looks good in his black tie, and I like the opportunity to wear a nice frock, so he will suffer in silence for me.  (Actually, he’ll not be very silent at all about it, but I can be selectively deaf).

Tomorrow Peter has classes in the morning, and we’ll be in Olden in the afternoon.  Apparently we are escorting, and apparently we need training. 

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