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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A fantastic evenings show

Tonight we got dressed for dinner as usual, Informal, which means a jacket for Peter, and a bit more than a pair of jeans for me. We watched the evening show, the Marco Polo orchestra letting themselves loose with a series of jazz melodies, and then Peter took part in the Blankety Blank quiz thingy (he's one of the celebrities you know).

The snow had stopped and the sky started to clear, and I went downstairs to change into some warmer clothes, bringing our coats up to Scotts Bar so that Peter and I could go out on deck afterwards, just to see what the world looked like in the dark.
A beautiful night cruising down the fjord
As soon as Blankety Blank finished, we were outside. And straight way they began to appear. The green curtains of the Northern Lights were over our heads, beautiful, mystical wonderful and seemingly alive. And then more and more bands and curtains of light took over the skies. There were pinks and yellows in the greens as the whole sky glowed. It was absolutely magical.

The cruise director announced the lights to the rest of the ship and people were pouring out onto the decks. We were invited up to the bridge to see better. Cameras clicked away whilst Peter and I stood watching the colours twist and curl across the sky, fading in and out left, right and overhead. It was awesome.

The thing is, neither of us had a camera with us, and neither of us was gonna leave. We stood and watched the best light show ever.

Eventually it faded to a few green bands across the sky and Peter went to get our cameras. Despite our vainest hopes and most desperate patience, the lights never came back like that again. Peter did manage to get a few pictures of some later glowing bands, so here's the best one.

I can say I've properly seen them now. How awesome is that!

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