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Monday, 3 November 2014

Honningsvag - White Out!

Well, it's been snowing  a bit!  Last night and this morning we've been watching the whizz past the windows horizontally.  It's not that heavy, just persistent.
As you can see - you can't see beyond the rail of the ship, the snow and sleet is really persistent. 
Peter and I are looking forward to today's tour. A visit to the most northern point of Europe, a bit like John O' Groats, but the Norwegian version. We stood waiting in the shelter of the buses as the freezing wind blew snow at us.

The buses filled, and we set off with everyone in high spirits. The passengers were in awe of the Norwegians' ability to ignore the snowy conditions and drive around the city without a thought for the packed ice beneath their tyres. But, as the bus climbed up into the mountains, hearts sank and the passengers became silent. We could all see how bad the conditions were getting, the wind was whistling through the door beside me, buffeting the bus across what could be seen of the road.

After 30 minutes, the four buses came to a halt and the drivers had a conflab. A few phone calls later it was established that the road ahead was closed and it was far too dangerous to carry on. Sadly, we had to turn around and make our way back down the mountain.

Back down at sea level, the snow was very wet and cold. Peter and I decided to stay on board in the dry. We're were just here for the morning anyway, and the ship set sail for Alta at 13.30

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