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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Leknes and onward

Yesterday we were both in Leknes and in the news.  Whilst Norwegian TV sent helicopters overhead to keep a close eye on the situation, Peter and I got on a tour bus.  We were escorting a trip to a Viking Museum.  On the way, we stopped for photo's of the tiny little village of Unstad on the North shore of Lofoten Island.  Breezy to say the least, but the views were pretty spectacular.

Then the bus took us onward to the Viking Musuem.  A Viking Longhouse was discovered on the site in 1981, and it turned out to be the biggest ever found in Northern Europe.  As well as all the relics and artifacts found, the Norwegians went on to build a replica.  Neither Peter or I would have chosen this as a preferred tour, but even so, we found the longhouse interesting.

It gets dark early this far north, it was very dark by the time we reached the port at 4.30pm.  The tender took us back to the ship and we waited on board for the tide to lift us off the sandbank.

Tugs pulled us away about 5.30pm, and then we spent a bit of time in the bay whilst the engineers played with engines -we think he was probably clearing mud from the filters, and therefore the engines kept starting and stopping - and then finally, around 8pm, we set sail for our next port - Alta.

Thing is we've not got to Alta yet, we're parked in the middle of a fjord just outside Tromso.  Apparently the sandbank did cause a little bit of damage after all, and we are staying here until the engineers resolve a technical issue.

Alta this afternoon, and we've not got any escorting duties, so we get to wander around freely.  Awesome.

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