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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Second to last sea day - and a bit more green in the sky

Sea days are the days when Peter does his classes, but we also managed to listen in on the story teller and then one of the lectures.  We really like Doreen the story teller, a very funny lady.

After the evening show, Peter and I wrapped up and went out on deck in the vain hope of a last showing of the Northern Lights.  Many of the other passengers had the same idea it seems - there were loads of people out there.

Peter has finally honed his photography skills in terms of capturing the elusive lights, and was able to put them to the test when we finally saw a few hints of the green curtains of light.  The camera managed to see more than we did, and the pictures are actually quite good.  It's a shame that we never managed to get any pictures of the same quality from the earlier light shows, but no matter, it was nice being out on deck under the moonlit sky. 

Tommorow we're in Andalnes - without any tour duties.  Looks like I might end up shopping!

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