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Monday, 4 April 2016

Monday 4th April - Panama Canal locks and lock ins.

Today was not a good day. It started OK, we were up early and went to breakfast, which I was happy to eat, except I'd gone off the hash browns cos they tasted too greasy.

The morning wore on. I stayed up on the top deck watching the process as we went through the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel Locks, which are the first and second sets of locks on Panama Canal. These lead into Gatun Lake, which is where we spent our time on the tour yesterday, and I spent an hour or so watching the shore for wildlife, I got to see an osprey perched high in one the trees, but sadly, no crocodiles.

I began to feel a little iffy, and decided I didn't want lunch and went to lie down in the cabin. Later in the afternoon, it was obvious that I wasn't right, suffering cramps, nausea and regular visits to the bathroom. Peter was out enjoying the sight of the canal, so I waited until he came back before we called the doctor. And then it was lockdown!

As is always the case when someone on board gets some sort of Gastro Intestinal bug - because they are so contagious, passengers or crew are asked to stay in their room until the risk of infecting any one else has passed. This is 24 hours from the last symptom (or visit to the bathroom). Despite having the constitution of an Ox, and being perfectly well, Peter had to stay in the cabin with me.

Most passengers know the rules, but it's suspected there are many that don't let the doctor know that they've been ill. They don't want to be shut in when they've paid for an expensive holiday and sometimes this is the reason why Norovirus or GI infections spread, despite the very best efforts of the crew.

Anyway, me and Peter now have to remain in the cabin until at least tomorrow evening - good job he brought loads of films and TV programs with him to watch on the laptop.

Tomorrow the ship arrives in Puerto Limon, Costa Rica. We were supposed to go on the aerial tram tour which I was really looking forward to - but now we won't. I'm quite sorry about that.

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