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Monday, 25 April 2016

Sunday 24th April, Bridgetown - Barbados

We had asked the Shorex team not to book us for escorting duties at Barbados. It was a close shave, but we ended up with a free day. Actually, it was a free afternoon, because we didn't arrive at Bridgetown until 13.30. After a quick lunch, we set off to find something we'd promised ourselves - a beach and a swim, so we set off through the gauntlet of taxi drivers at the entrance to the port.

As usual it was hot, and as we walked on, we met passengers coming back with the message, "It's Sunday, everywhere is closed". Fortunately, we weren't shopping.

We walked for a good half hour before we got to "The Boatyard", a beach bar with control of a small stretch of glorious white sand. For $15 dollars each we could enjoy the facilities, get a free drink, and a taxi ride back to the ship. The only drawback was that the last shuttle taxi was at 4pm. We took advantage anyway and enjoyed a very pleasant hour and a half. The water was warm and I was able to snorkel, although there weren't many fish about, except around pier legs. We'll remember this place for future Barbados visits.

We caught the last shuttle taxi back to the ship which we shared with a few Americans on a Royal Caribbean cruise (their ship was berthed next to ours). They were mouthy, rude and completely disrespectful. Surely not all Americans are like that. Are they?

Back on board, it was a quick cup of tea, a shower and then time to start on the packing. Packing for going home is so much easier than when you start a journey or a holiday. It's just a case of throwing everything in - except although we've used stuff up and thrown stuff out - we still struggled to get our suitcases within the 23Kg weight limit.  Explain that then?

We had a farewell drink invitation with the Entertainments Manager and the other lecturers/crafters/dancers at 7pm, which ended up a bit of a giggle as everyone swapped stories. I'm sure we will bump into them again. Finally it was dinner in the Veranda Restaurant, then a couple of episodes of Star Trek in the cabin. (We know how to live don't we?) 

Tomorrow is disembarkation day when everyone just hangs around. We've decided to stay on the ship and in the cool, not wanting to get hot and bothered before we even start our journey. England is 6 hours ahead. Our plane is due to take off at 5.10pm Barbados time, and after 7 hours(ish), we arrive at London Gatwick at 6.20am. (I think). Then after the drive home, it will be our shower, our bed, our favourite takeaway, and a cup of tea made in our kitchen. Awesome!
I'm not looking forward to going back to work though. 

So that's it until next time. Peter will be going onto CMV's Magellan in October, but I can't make that one. My next cruise will be back on the Voyager in November, when we head for Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Indonesia. As you can imagine, I will be very excited to start on that one. (I just need a couple of weeks at home first).

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