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Friday, 13 January 2017

Wednesday 11th January - Sea day

Last night we went to watch Cinderella, the pantomime in the show lounge.  We've seen it before, but it's been different every time as the ship's entertainment team change. It is always funny and Iast night did not disappoint.  Everybody in the audience, including ourselves, was in stitches, not least because the ugly sister had obviously grown since her skirt was made, and its split in half when she chased Buttons around the lounge. It was a good job the cruise director was wearing shorts and not a g string last night.

This morning we've woken well rested to a flat sea and good weather.  Not everyone had slept so well though. Folk at breakfast were comparing stories about how much the ship had been rolling about in the night, disturbing in their sleep. One of the waiters told us that he'd woken upon the floor after being thrown of his bunk.  We just looked blank, having no idea of what they were talking about.

Before lunch, Peter ran his classes and l sat in on the first half of Robin Petch's lecture about birds before joining the creative writing class and we've done very little but relax this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is another sea day, let's see what that brings.

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