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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Day 16 - Mon 20 Jan - Cruising the Amazon

We woke this morning to find the ship anchored outside the Macapa Pilot station. The Marco Polo has to wait here for the immigration authorities to come aboard and clear the ship to travel into Brazil, which can take up to five hours. We need a pilot too.

Because the immigration people will be using the craft room as an office, Peter has got a day off. Yippee. And because we've been here before, we knew what we wanted to do first. So off we went on a bug hunt. There weren't many, which was to be expected, but I did come across one that I hadn't seen before.

It's probably about 6 inches across. Quite beautiful.

Once we'd got our Brazilian guests on board (the immigration officials will stay until Manaus apparently), the ship set off for Santarem, a day's cruising up river. Apart from taking an hour out to listen to one of Louise's lectures, we spent the day getting sunburnt (under cloudy skies by the way) and watching the forest go by.
Looking back over the rear deck.  We are being followed!

Miles and miles of tropical forest.  Lovely
A lovely relaxing day finished off by watching the ship's show team put on a new show "Return to the 80's". Ecaterina was obviously having a ball during the "I love Rock n Roll" number, brilliant.

Tomorrow is our first port of call, Santarem and land after five days at sea. Peter and I are booked as escorts on the Piranha fishing tours, which we love since it's a chance to see wildlife as well as catch little fish with very sharp teeth. Yep, I'm all excited again.
Sun setting over the Amazon.  Beautiful

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